United Nations World Urban Forum #WUF11

BIDs Belgium had the pleasure to attend the eleventh UN World Urban Forum, held in Katowice, Poland between the 26th and 30th of June, 2022.

Pic: World Urban Forum #WUF11

Events at the International Congress Centre with receptions, events, celebrations and the many panels. Including the 10 years anniversary of the UN Habitat Global Public Space Programme, which was held in the Silesian Museum. Meeting and seeing many of our colleagues, friends and partners from around the globe. Especially good to meet new and old colleagues working across Public Space, Placemaking, Cities and Empowering Women and many more, after the absent period of events during the pandemic.

The theme for this year’s UN World Urban Forum was ‘Transforming our Cities for a better Urban Future,’ had an incredible number of overwhelming related topics with the rountables, panels and events to choose from.

Luisa Bravo and City Space Architecture panel

There is much to share from the many intiatives from our Empowering Women, Public Space and Climate Change partners of Luisa Bravo and City Space Architecture, with the stand in the Expo and many related events on Public Space. Including the launch session of the Public Space Academy, that was organized in conjuntion with Ove Arup Foudation. Another interesting session on the Public Spaces for All: Flipping the script on universal design, inclusion and accessibility, was held on the 27th June. A special issue of the Journal of Public SpaceUniversally Accessible Public Spaces for All’ Vol.7 no.2 (2022 ref City Space Architecture), has also been launched following on from the World Urban Forum. Please do check the website.

Auanda Roji-Adalima of Centre of African Public Spaces

Contacts from Placemaking US, Placemaking ‘X’ and Placemaking Europe, Placemaking India and Placemaking Mexico amongst many others in our network were present. It was also excellent to be in the launch of Placemaking Africa as part of the Centre on African Public Spaces, with their session and presentations from local and international partners, that included City Space Architecture and Placemaking ‘X’. An inspiring session, interactive session that seen the hard work of many realized in launching this initiative for Africa.

There was also a session from Brussels Region with Pascal Smet, State Secretary of Brussels Region (feature image), explaining the transformation of Brussels. As sharing in his social media and at the event: “From grey to green space; from demolition to renovation; from monofunctional to multifunctional: from empty to active roofs; from cars to people,” emphasising the ‘Cities for People’ aspect. The panel included . Sharing the initiatives around public space from Brussels and the work of the Region he represents.

Rozina Spinnoy, Director BIDs Belgium at WUF11

Please do check out social media and website of #WUF11 and our partner’s and colleagues website and social media links above to see more detailed information of the events. Also the offical World Urban Forum website.

The next World Urban Forum will take place in Cairo, Egypt and BIDS Belgium will be looking forward to attending!

AfterCovid. City Global Charter


The AfterCovid City Global Charter

BIDs Belgium’s supports the AfterCovid City Global Charter:

BIDs Belgium’s Founder/Director Rozina Spinnoy, had the pleasure to participate and contribute in the co-creation sessions led by Placemaking Europe together with Placemaking X. Fully supporting the promotion of the place-led development at human scale with this charter.

What is it?

The AfterCovid.City Global Charter, developed by some of the world’s leading urbanists, calls on city leaders – policymakers, placemakers, activists and advocates – to work together to shape the post-pandemic future, focusing on the role of public space for recovery.” – (AfterCovid.City)

Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X

Below excerpts are from our parters at Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X – website – Aftercovid.City website and charter

“Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X have invited the world’s leading urbanists to collaborate on the AfterCovid.City Global Charter. This document articulates the direction and clear steps our cities must take to shape a prosperous future after the Covid-19 pandemic and leverage the power of public space for recovery. It is aimed at urban leaders, global decision-makers and organisations working to improve our environment – socially, environmentally, economically and physically.”

“Placemaking Europe is a network of 500+ professionals – from mayors to developers and activists across a diversity of European countries promoting place-led development at the human scale, inspired by the interaction between buildings, streets and citizens.

Placemaking X is a global cooperative network of 100+ leaders and 1,300+ advocates from 80+ countries around the world who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and beloved communities.” Aftercovid.City

Please check it out via the links and share it with your networks!