AfterCovid. City Global Charter


The AfterCovid City Global Charter

BIDs Belgium’s supports the AfterCovid City Global Charter:

BIDs Belgium’s Founder/Director Rozina Spinnoy, had the pleasure to participate and contribute in the co-creation sessions led by Placemaking Europe together with Placemaking X. Fully supporting the promotion of the place-led development at human scale with this charter.

What is it?

The AfterCovid.City Global Charter, developed by some of the world’s leading urbanists, calls on city leaders – policymakers, placemakers, activists and advocates – to work together to shape the post-pandemic future, focusing on the role of public space for recovery.” – (AfterCovid.City)

Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X

Below excerpts are from our parters at Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X – website – Aftercovid.City website and charter

“Placemaking Europe and Placemaking X have invited the world’s leading urbanists to collaborate on the AfterCovid.City Global Charter. This document articulates the direction and clear steps our cities must take to shape a prosperous future after the Covid-19 pandemic and leverage the power of public space for recovery. It is aimed at urban leaders, global decision-makers and organisations working to improve our environment – socially, environmentally, economically and physically.”

“Placemaking Europe is a network of 500+ professionals – from mayors to developers and activists across a diversity of European countries promoting place-led development at the human scale, inspired by the interaction between buildings, streets and citizens.

Placemaking X is a global cooperative network of 100+ leaders and 1,300+ advocates from 80+ countries around the world who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and beloved communities.” Aftercovid.City

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