BIDs Belgium is a consortium partner, within the ‘PlaceCity’ funded by the Joint Programming Initiative / JPI Urban Europe project. The project started in February 2019 and runs through until July 2021.

Our consortium partners with BIDs Belgium in the PlaceCity project are Placemaking Europe, Nabologshager, City of Oslo – Agency of Urban Environment, City of Vienna – Municipal Department of Urban Development and Planning, Die Angewandte – Social Design, Eutropian, Stipo, Superwien.

Pic: Placemaking Europe

‘Place City aims to advance placemaking as a new approach to creating the better cities together by gathering placemaking tools and implement these tools in the partner cities. The aim is not merely to test the tools but also to establish sustainable business cases for peacemaking in local contexts. To achieve this the project partners work together with the combination of local partners (cities, communities, businesses) as well as partners at a higher level (knowledge partners, governments etc). The consortium will develop itself as a knowledge platform with direct connection to the implementation’ – Placemaking Europe

Find out more details via our Placemaking Europe partners – who have extensive details on the project and the consortium partners via this link and the subsequent links