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Smart Initiatives

Since we first had the initial idea of setting up Business Improvement Districts / BIDs Belgium, we have been interested in  some of the societal trends happening in a number of sectors. Some are obvious for BIDs, as we look BIDs around the world, as well as our partners of BIDs Scotland, who have been avid supporters of our grassroots organisation.  We also look at Retail & Market Trends, Consumer Behaviour, On-line shopping trends, whilst being aware of a variety of sectors, such as Hospitality to Design, etc.

We look at the trends, the social media output and attempt to keep our ‘finger on the pulse’ as such. Looking at International, European, National, Local and ‘Grassroot’s’ organisations and Civic Movements. Being aware of the rise of Social Entrepreneurship and local grassroots movements and the role they have to play in the Community as whole. Along with Educational Institutions and seeing what the youth of today, will require as skills for the future beyond tomorrow.

Believing, that in order to keep up with the technological advances and innovation globally, we must connect at an intrinsic human and social level in order to establish a ‘sense of community’ and work together by collaborating and connecting..creating ‘Smart Citizens for our Smart Cities’.

Hence, our ‘Smart Initiatives’ page, where we post some of the social media posts / tweets / lists from the range we mention above.

If you have some suggestions or want to share what you’re up to, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or just tweet us @bidsbelgium