BIDs Koekelberg 

Over the last year, Belgium Design Council initiated the contact with Koekelberg Commune. Inviting the local Mayor Philippe Pivin during his local tour to explain the vision of BIDs Belgium and the possibilities for Koekelberg Commune.

During this time BIDs Belgium was launched and we presented a vision for the Commune that has the amazing Art Deco building Basilica of Koekelberg.

Over the year several meetings were held with the Mayor’s cabinet, including Alderman of the Economy Steve Huyge and also Michael Timmermans. Great enthusiasm has been shown to be open to the BIDs framework being implemented locally.

This culminated to an amazing evening being held at the Belgian Chocolate Village on September 28th 2016 in Koekelberg, Brussels. BIDs Belgium presented the vision for the EU platforms to share best practices and filter them down to local level.


We are now in the process of the ‘call’ for the BIDs Task Force. We are happy to say there has been a lot of interest in the local community to be part of this process.

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