BIDs Belgium is proud to announce our partnership with Scotland Towns Partnership – STP.  Excellent to be invited to Edinburgh on the 27th of February, by Philip Prentice, Chief Executive of Scotland Towns Partnership. 

A participatory meeting held at the Murrayfield Experience, Edinburgh, to discuss the topic of the future of the BIDs, with ‘Driving Inclusive Growth: Re-imagining Scotland’s Business Improvement Districts’.

Interesting to hear the vision from Scottish Government’s Regeneration and Town Policy Manager, Susan Bolt, to the invited stakeholders of local authorities, private sector and BIDs Managers/Directors.

Totally inline with the BIDs Belgium ‘C’ BIDs Strategy. I’m incredibly proud and excited about our collaboration and the possibilities this will bring. We’ll be working closer with STP and others in the steering group, for the World Towns Leadership Summit, to be held later this year in Edinburgh.