Hack Belgium took place recently at Tour & Taxis and BIDs Belgium was there participating, presenting, facilitating and on the Jury in Brussels on April 26th, 27th and 28th.

BIDs Belgium’s, Rozina Spinnoy and many of the extended network and friends participated in this dynamic 3 day hackathon

With many private companies, public actors, educational institutions, along with civic society taking part to find solutions to some of the societal issues such as hacking Health, Education, Inclusive and Vibrant Cities, Meaningful Work For All. The aim to solve 12 societal challenges, linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A super experience to be part of the Inclusive and Vibrant Cities challenge, which as curated by the City of Mechelen’s Mayor Bart Somers. Known as the ‘Best Mayor in the World’!

A video is included the link above of Bart Somers introduction to the event. The three topics of ‘Quality Living’, ‘Inclusivity’ and ‘Vibrancy’ were included within the whole segment. Along with Rozina Spinnoy, there were Experts of Vincent Boydens and Martine Delannoy, who participated in the Jury selection of the various projects presented.

A variety of projects were born out of the sessions, such as; co-creating local Markets, to encourage entrepreneurial projects, encouraging networking, social gatherings, creating a social and economic added value. Creating cross-sector experiences for the high street retailers, encouraging more customers events with a social aspect. With workshops taking place, along with individual coaching and pitching sessions that we had the pleasure to participate in. Giving critical feedback to the project groups, where they then worked towards prototyping their project.

A super experience and we were pleased to meet so many people in our local ‘eco-system’ of Social Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, long with the many in the private – corporate sector. We also met the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, whom we had the pleasure of chatting to, with many of the female leading professionals based in and around Brussels.