‘Connecting, Collaborating and Creating’​ at the South Asia Rising Conference 2017

March, of this year took me to a conference in Dubai for the inspirational Eisenhower Fellowships, ‘South Asia Rising – Conversations, a Promise of Togetherness.’

A valuable educational experience of which I am grateful for, with gaining further knowledge on the South Asia region. The region in which my own Parents immigrated and travelled from to settle over 50 years ago to Scotland. This definitely is not the same region as it was back then. The rising status of this region, along with the challenges was communicated in a variety of insightful presentations, from the private and public/Government sectors and experts from China, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Africa along with contributions from Northern Ireland.

The main topic of the event in how to harness and promote regional connectivity, with better integration and cooperation across the region. Learning from the past, to create a better future for all, with reformulating the economic old trade route of the Silk Road to the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative connecting over 60 countries in the region.

Being based in Brussels over the last 16 years and having attended many of the EU conferences over the last couple of years – the benefits of working together on a shared vision cannot be emphasized enough in this globalised world. Whilst embracing the technological advances, innovation and creativity that is among us and to utilise these as key levers for change.

The message is clear no matter which of these conferences I have attended of late. The narrative may have been adapted depending on the regional variations. No matter which part of the world we live in : collaboration, whether it be cross-regional or border, integration, inclusion, diversity, safety and security, co-creating public/private/citizen partnerships are paramount to creating ‘inclusive’ Smart Cities, regions and nurturing the ‘bottom up’ initiatives at ‘grass roots’ community level. Empowering our ‘Smart Citizens’. This will in turn result in much needed boost for socio/economic regeneration, whilst remaining ‘citizen’ centric throughout all processes.

Thank you Eisenhower Fellowship and in particular the Conference Co-Chairs Dr Shahid Mahmud and Mr Raman Madhok for an amazing experience. As well as the subsequent friendships and collaborations that will be forged from this event. Keep connecting, collaborating and creating…!

Article written by : Rozina Spinnoy

(Also featured on LinkedIn :  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/connecting-collaborating-creating-south-asia-rising-2017-spinnoy)




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