UN Habitat HQ – Dr. Shipra Narang Suri

BIDs Belgium attended the launch of the an exciting new project ‘Urban Maestro’ at the Brussels United Nations offices in mid February. A cooperative project between the European Commission and UN Habitat. With partners of Perspective Brussels and UCL.

The project is to work together to discover with strategy, research, tools and methods that can further assist on the ‘Urban Design Governance’ that can better shape and cities and human settlements.

Each of the partner gave presentations to the mixed crowd on the 14th of February 2019. EU policy makers, Networks and NGO’s filled the room and listened intently to the intentions to build on the knowledge of not only the partners, yet the wider community involved Urbanism, Cities and those managing the built environment.

Here at BIDs Belgium, we are incredibly excited to see how this project evolves. Especially as we value the importance of Design not only on the practical level, yet very much within the process of how we manage our spaces across Cities and extended territories.

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