New European Bauhaus – EU Commission Launch

It’s been eagerly awaited – the launch of the New European Bauhaus by the European Commission President von der Leyen during her State of the Union Address during 2020.

In January 2021 the Design phase was launched of this ambitious and exciting new initiative. Bringing together the cross sector of the cultural, economic and environmental aspects together. The aim is to help the European Green Deal with combining the Design, Accessibility, Sustainability and investments together. Read more about it here directly from the European Commission website.

Image: New European Bauhaus

The project of the New European Bauhaus, is totally in line with the BIDs Belgium objectives of projects we initiate, along with our sister organisation of the the Belgium Design Council. We are continually advocating for co-designing solutions together for our global societal challenges. Taking both a system thinking approach for local and international projects. Testing and piloting at local level, with a view to sharing open source with some of the projects.

With ‘designing inclusive communities’ at the heart with our collaborative approach. Bridging the gaps as well as filling the gaps. Projects with Designers, Artists, active Citizens both young and old.

The BIDs concept and the community improvement districts concept with our approach of experimentation, partnering with the eco-system of multi-stakeholders and incorporating design strategy and thinking, we believe is in line with the New European Bauhaus initiative of the European Commission. We are excited about the co-design aspect of this and hope you are too.

Find out more details via the European Commission website.

‘Let’s be Beautiful, Sustainable, Together’ – New European Bauhaus