BIDs Belgium partners with the New European Bauhaus!

BIDs Belgium is proud to announce we have been accepted as one of the community Partners with the New European Bauhaus initiative of the European Commission. Further emphasising the inclusive, collaborative approach of this ambitious and exciting initiative.

We are incredibly proud to join as Partners along with the following and many more in addition. RISE – Research Institute of Sweden ELISAVA,BEDA: The Bureau of European Design Associations, European Youth Forum,La Pinada Lab Faculty of Architecture, Lisbon University , Fundació Mies van der Rohe, etc

The Co-Design aspect of ‘The New European Bauhaus proposes to focus our conversations on the places we inhabit and on our relationship with natural environments, beyond the built space. It is a practical approach to discover beautiful, sustainable and inclusive ways of living and to use them to inspire our way forward.’

BIDs Belgium is excited with the potential scenarios that are possible with the New European Bauhaus. We thrive on the aspect of connecting and collaborating with multi-stakeholders and a variety of sectors. Engaging in events and initiatives to further stimulate the discussion around the possibilities of co-designing together. Combining some of methodologies we use for approaching projects, from futures, speculative design and design strategy amongst others. The experimentation aspect of what can be born out inter and multi-disciplinary collaborations, internationally and locally. This is the approach that we already deep dive into with our projects and are open to share. Continually posing questions on some of the challenges we face in our diverse, multicultural society and encouraging debate and pilot cases. With the core elements of taking the inclusive, human/empathetic approach.

‘What if?… How to?…’

We are incredibly excited at the possibilities The New Europe Bauhaus brings for further collaboration crossing cities, borders and disciplines.

‘With the approach of the New European Bauhaus to cross cut across a variety of sectors from Design, The New EuropeanTogether we can achieve so much more! We team up with inspiring networks, associations, and organisations who are committed to act as promoters and key interlocutors throughout the New European Bauhaus initiative.’

  • gathering a diversity of professionals from across disciplines to generate ideas
  • identifying inspirational projects, practices or concepts 
  • engaging with citizens to discuss and collect needs and expectations’ – New European Bauhaus

Thank you to The New European Bauhaus for accepting BIDs Belgium as one of their trusted Partners, we look forward to being beautiful and sustainable together!