collaborating, connecting and creating more resilient communities across belgium

BIDs Belgium is the national organisation for Improvement Districts across Belgium. Providing support and advice,  using creative design thinking processes, that result in socio/economic regeneration.  Our BIDs and ‘C-BIDs’ strategy of ‘collaboration, connecting, creating and citizens’ become a valuable tool for social innovation and creating inclusive communities.

Supporting active citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations, community groups, local Communes, Cities/Regions and Governmental authorities and representatives.  Helping develop Improvement Districts with an open, inclusive, collaborative and transparent approach in implementing BIDs frameworks.

Rozina Spinnoy is the Founder of BIDs Belgium, based in Brussels with her family. Passionate about Communities, Citizen engagement and Design Strategy, she founded the organisation in 2016 with support from other BIDs organisations across Europe.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Rozina Spinnoy

Founder BIDs Belgium asbl/vzw

Latest News

BIDs Belgium presents at the BIDs Scotland Gathering 2017

Beyond Brexit – Always Learning BIDs Belgium was proud to be invited to present at the BIDs Scotland Gathering in Perth Scotland on March 28th, in which 270 international and national delegates gathered. The title being ‘Beyond Brexit – Always Learning’, showing the close relationship Scotland still has to mainland Europe, with our ‘best practices’ […]

‘Connecting, Collaborating and Creating’​ at the South Asia Rising Conference 2017

March, of this year took me to a conference in Dubai for the inspirational Eisenhower Fellowships, ‘South Asia Rising – Conversations, a Promise of Togetherness.’ A valuable educational experience of which I am grateful for, with gaining further knowledge on the South Asia region. The region in which my own Parents immigrated and travelled from […]