BIDs launches a collaborative initiative

BIDs Belgium will delve deeper into the ‘Inclusive Communities’ programme with some key partners from home and abroad.  Further developing the the inclusive principles of Universal Design and combining this with Gender Equal Cities and Communities. 

This participatory project will involve different user groups of initially two pilot municipalities in Brussels. Using service design methodologies and participatory mapping of zones that the Municipalities will work on renovating in the near future. Feeding into the redesigning of areas to enhance mobility and social inclusion. 

Quality of public spaces and trends show there are many affordable, accessible ways to create more safer and secure zones. Especially for those who are vulnerable, such as those with limited abilities, the elderly, young women and youth as a whole. Whilst finding ways to create more sustainable urban mobility plans in our neighbourhoods and communities. 

BIDs Belgium will share more on the studies related to how we all move about in our cities in due course. Along with the progress of our partners cities, municipalities and organisations who will join us for the exciting journey in our dynamic initiative. 

Written by: Rozina Spinnoy 

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