We are incredibly proud to have participated in the BIDs Scotland Gathering earlier this year, with presenting BIDs Belgium. A big thank you to Ian Davison Porter and the team, for extending the arm of partnership to us. We look forward to the possibilities of extended partnerships with Scotland in 2018!

Listening to community driven BIDs from Penicuik, to the larger City BIDs, of Essential Edinburgh. It was lovely to speak to many of the BIDs Managers, about their triumphs and challenges.

Overall, we were humbled by the response and feedback to the new approach that BIDs Belgium has taken. With looking at the Community and being inclusive of the societal challenges we face.

Rozina Spinnoy, wears the ‘two hats’ of Belgium Design Council, our ‘sister’ organisation, with leading BIDs Belgium with the Creative and Design Strategy approach.

It’s been an exciting year, especially with some of the social, community and creative projects we have been launching, during the second half of the year.

Thank you to BIDs Scotland for the invitation.