What are BIDs?


‘Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are a defined area within which business-led organizations are focused on managing and enhancing commercial areas’.



BIDs Belgium is taking the Improvement Districts framework to the next level.

The objective is to assist in creating inclusive and sustainable communities, with utilizing creative design thinking processes and social innovation for socio/economic regeneration. We also consider the circular and sharing economy – the news ways of working. With public, private and citizens – creating horizontal’ collaborations, using our ‘C-BIDs’ strategy of inclusive of all citizens and civic communities.

We provide advice and tools on creating a long-term vision and implementing a strategy and framework, for our local high streets and Communes. Building resilient Towns and Cities across our country. Using building blocks of valuable knowledge from our network, cultural heritage and experiences from the past, capturing the DNA of the zone, combined with current innovations/technology of the present, to create a better future for our diverse multicultural communities. We are open to work across horizontal platforms, with grass roots citizen led organizations to Government authorities, resulting in further building on our economy here in the heart of Europe.

We hold close ties with our main local partner organization of the Belgium Design Council, with their ‘E3’ mantra of excellence, enterprising and efficiency they uphold in all projects. We are also honoured to hold an open, sharing partnerships with international partners such as Improvement Districts Scotland.

BIDs Belgium is ready to continue to build around the main body of our beating heart of Europe. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more or wish to partner, collaborate or just join us for a chat and coffee.

In addition to the above, we filter down best practices from the EU level, to local Government and grassroots level in the wider community.

Resulting in socio/economic regeneration.

History of BIDs

The BIDs were established in the North America in the 1960’s and 1970’s to halt the decline of downtown commercial centres.  Across US, Canada, Sweden, Germany and UK – which has over 200 BIDs

BID-like organizations from Canada began operations in 1984. Whereas, similar organizations in other countries is more than a decade later (Continental Europe, 1999; Japan, 2000; New Zealand, 1993; South Africa, 2000; United Kingdom, 2000).